theme park consultant

theme park consultant

Keeping The Good Times Safe Times

Theme parks are such joyful places of memory. They are the setting of fun times for children. They are the location of romance for wooing couples. They are the place of memories for families.

Theme parks are such happy places.

theme park consultant

With all of the moving parts and machinery of theme park rides, though, theme parks can also be places of tragedy. Every year, seemingly, we see on national news reports of accidents, and death in an American theme park.

The work of the theme park consultant is vitally important to prevent tragedy, and keep theme parks the places of smiles and laughter that they are supposed to be, always.

Often, we cannot see the deficiencies in our own homes or businesses. We are so accustomed to the way things are, and the way we do them, we cannot see how something could be made better, or how something is in fact unsafe. 

This fact applies to the ownership, management, and staff of theme parks, as well. As caring and as professional as these folks are,  the rides and attractions of their parks are so familiar to them, they often can’t see the improvements that need to be made, or the dangers that lurk in familiar places. This isn’t criticism. This is human nature!

An outsider needs to come in to give a theme park an unbiased opinion of the state of its safety.  Fresh eyes can see what well-known eyes cannot.

While the ownership, management, and staff of theme parks are deeply concerned for the safety of their visitors, they do not have the length of time, or the depth of experience in the issue of safety that professional safety consultants do.

The theme parks who operate safely will ultimately have the best business.

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