Holidays Over, School’s In, Time For A Decent Haircut

Dear readers, dear gentlemen. Time for a decent haircut, wouldn’t you agree. You’ve had a good holiday and you’ve allowed yourselves the freedom to let your hair hang loose for a while. The summer (or winter) recess is over and it’s time to head back to school or college for the next semester. Fair enough, many of you don’t need to dress up to the nines for work or wear uniforms to school.


But what does that really say about you? What does it say to you about how you perceive yourself to be in the company of others? And just what will they make of you? Surely, surely, dear readers, dear fine gentlemen, and boys, you would want to look the part, the kind that stands out quite impressively, not like a sore thumb. A decent haircut at the men’s haircuts ashburn va salon will set things right for you and your boys.

If you are an ambitious chap who wants to make the first team, you should know that the haircut is what impresses them. They like to see evidence of strong character and a sense of decency. You’ve got to be seen to be respectful of your teammates. Because making the first team is a team effort. Don’t isolate yourself. Collar and tie work always impresses the boss and the clients. Well, only when all parts fit together just so smoothly.

It hardly looks right if you’re wearing a suit and tie and your ruffled hair is down to your shoulders. That may be extreme certainly, but fair enough you will agree, the point has been made. Have that haircut soon. Soon you’ll be the man about town. Take the boys with too, it’s a family business.